Cole & Mason French Tarragon

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  • Sourced from Turkey & Iran
  • Use for a bittersweet kick
  • We love herbs that have different tastes from different regions
  • Ingredients: Tarragon
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.012kg

Eat our French Tarragon with a fish or chicken dish. French tarragon has a star anise-like taste, with some floral notes and a touch of liquorice. It makes a tarragon mayonnaise a good match with grilled mackerel and salad. A French tarragon-flavoured butter can work its magic over or under the skin of a roast chicken.

Why not try marrying French with Italian. Anything creamy that goes in pasta gets an extra floral dimension from a pinch of French tarragon. Pair this with some smokiness by adding some mushrooms. French tarragon is right at home in linguine too – especially when mixed with soft cheese.


With its fennel-like flavour, French tarragon tastes quite different to its Russian and wild cousins. And it's best known for its starring role in béarnaise sauce.

It's native to Europe and Asia, mostly near the Caspian Sea. In Europe, its most prolific cultivators are Spain and, unsurprisingly, France.

French tarragon goes back a long way – as far back as the Greeks in roughly 500 BC. The Spanish got ahold of it as early as the 1100s, and England and North America five or six centuries later.

Supplier: The Spice Company