Cole & Mason Whole Chillies

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  • Sourced from India
  • For adding heat and sweet notes to any dish
  • We like the mix of sweetness and heat that chilli peppers bring
  • Ingredients: Chilli
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.035kg

Eat our Chilli with a cajun chicken dish. Crunchy cajun chicken, with chopped chilli peppers, coriander, a few roasted root vegetables and an oven-baked corn on the cob. 

Why not try spicing up a sweet dish. Add chilli to a familiar chocolate tart recipe and serve with a refreshing lime cream. Or add to homemade jam. Spread on earthy, warm goat’s cheese to bring out the bite of the chilli and the sweetness of the jam.


Chilli peppers have been a classic part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC. Christopher Columbus first encountered chilli peppers in the Caribbean at the end of the 15th century.

He called them peppers because their heat reminded him of the black pepper he was already familiar with.

Supplier: The Spice Company