Cole & Mason Whole Brazilian Pink Pepper Corns

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  • Sourced from Brazil
  • Best used to give fragrance and fire
  • We like the delicate fruity tones and the colour they bring to fish, game and rich meats
  • Ingredients: 100% pink peppercorns (berry of Schinus terebinthifolia)
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.03kg

Eat our Whole Brazilian Pink Pepper Corns with a bowl of a green olives. Marinate plump, green olives with pink peppercorns, thyme, lemon and olive oil. The fruitiness of the pink pepper balances the bitterness of the olives. 

Why not try adding some fragrant fire to a marinade. Macerate fresh mackerel in cider vinegar, water, coriander, sugar, red onion, lemon and pink peppercorns. Pat dry with a kitchen towel and grill. Or crush your peppercorns and add them to a classic shortbread recipe for a more grown-up biscuit.


Our pink peppercorns aren’t 'true peppercorns'. They’re actually from the cashew family, also called 'rose baises’. These berries come from the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo along the sun-drenched southeast coast, north of Rio de Janeiro. 

Supplier: The Spice Company