Cole & Mason Kaffia Lime Leaves

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  • Sourced from Thailand
  • Use for a zingy citrus edge
  • We love the mix of lemon and lime flavours in these leaves
  • Ingredients: Kaffia Lime Leaves
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.005kg

Eat Kaffia Lime Leaves with a rich meat. Citrus cuts right through rich meats. Kaffia lime leaves have a zesty taste that's somewhere between lemon and lime, so try using them to give roast duck a fresh, zingy edge. 

Why not try brightening up both food and drink. Kaffia lime leaves can give a citrusy freshness to fatty meats. So mix into pork mince to make meatballs. Adding garlic, basil and chopped nuts will give them a bolder taste and texture. And to wash your meatballs down, simmer and cool orange juice, then add the dried kaffir leaves and pour into something fizzy. (Champagne optional)


The kaffia lime is a knobbly, avocado-shaped citrus fruit native to tropical Asia. It has some peculiar-sounding aliases – the Latin name is 'citrus hystrix' and in the Philippines it's often called the 'kulubot'.

The fruit itself isn't used much in cooking. But you can find its juices in a lot of Asian cosmetics – especially hair products.

The leaves themselves are small and hourglass shaped. Each of the plant's stems has two leaves.

Supplier: The Spice Company