Cole & Mason Garam Masala

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  • Blended in the UK from various origins
  • Use for adding oomph to humble ingredients
  • We like how garam masala gives instant flavour to the humblest of ingredients
  • Ingredients: coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise, cumin, chilli, fennel, black pepper, bay leaves, sunflower oil, nutmeg, cardamom
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.05kg

Eat our Garam Masala with a heap of roasted vegetables. Roast aubergine, butternut squash and potatoes tossed in crunchy salt, oil and garam masala. Once they're all cooked, pile on to a platter and serve as a sharing side.

Why not try bringing something new to a Sunday roast. Marinade a whole chicken with garam masala, lemon juice and a few other spices for a twist on a classic roast. Or spread chunks of butter on oven-cooked corn-on-the-cob and then sprinkle with garam masala for a tasty snack. 


From the Hindi for 'hot mixture', garam masala is the Ayurvedic (Indian medicinal system of beliefs) 'heat of the body’. This spice mixture dates from Mogul times and acts to raise the body's temperature. It’s used a lot in Indian cuisine, on its own or with other seasonings. 

Supplier: The Spice Company