Cole & Mason Fig & Date Balsamic Cream Vinegar

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  • Sourced from Germany
  • Use for thicker, sweeter acidity
  • We like that the texture's thicker than normal balsamic, making it cling to whatever we drizzle it on
  • Ingredients: 48% date syrup, Balsamico di Modena (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must) (SULPHITES), sugar beet syrup, sugars, vinegar, 5.2 % fig juice from concentrate, flavouring
  • Comes in a 250ml bottle
  • Content Weight: 0.35kg

Eat our Fig & Date Balsamic Cream Vinegar with a simple salad. Swirl over a bed of dressed leaves, walnuts, creamy blue cheese and slithers of griddled pear. A traditional combination, but this fig and date balsamic glaze adds a sweet acidity into the mix.

Why not try adding to classic combinations. Serve with dessert. Plate up vanilla ice cream, toasted hazelnuts, grated dark chocolate and finish off with a drizzle of this. Or assemble a starter of melon wrapped in salty prosciutto. Then take it up a notch with this smooth, sweet glaze.


We source all of our balsamic vinegar from family producers in its home: Modena. They follow their centuries-old process, then age it in wooden barrels so its flavour matures.

This glaze is infused with natural fig juice and date syrup to give it a thicker, sweeter finish.

Supplier: Delicious Oils and Vinegars