Cole & Mason Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Sourced from Spain
  • Use for impressive versatility
  • We love finding new ways to use different kinds of oils
  • Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil
  • Comes in a 250ml bottle
  • Content Weight: 0.35kg

Eat your Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a herb salsa. Chop up some of your favourite herbs, add some shallots and a bit of olive oil to thicken it up. Then use it to take simple dishes up a notch. For a quick lunch, run it through a bean salad.

Why not try picking your favourite national cuisine. Extra virgin olive oil is essential in kitchens all over – Spanish, Greek, Italian, North African and Turkish, to name just a few. So take your pick. If Italian's your favourite, use extra virgin olive oil as a seasoning for baked ricotta. Pour some on the dough of a focaccia before you bake it too. Then dip warm focaccia into the ricotta.


The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean, and people have been eating olives for a long, long time – maybe as far back as 8,000BC. The idea of pressing the olives for the juice probably came to them pretty quickly.

The label of 'extra virgin' olive oil is reserved for olive oils that have 0.8% free acidity or less. This gives it its pungent, slightly bitter taste.

Supplier: Delicious Oils and Vinegars