Cole & Mason Dill Seeds

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  • Sourced from India
  • Use for an earthy flavour that evolves as it's cooked
  • We love how changing when you add dill seeds to your cooking can transform their flavour
  • Ingredients: Dill Seeds
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.025kg

Eat our Dill Seeds with a fish or seafood sandwich. Dill seeds' earthy, anise-like taste make them good for mixing into mayonnaise. Add dried poppy and nigella seeds, too, then use in a salmon, prawn or tuna sandwich. 

Why not try choosing between mild or spicy. The taste of dill seeds will depend on how you cook with them. Add them at the start of cooking to bake pastry snacks like cheese straws, and you'll get an earthy, mellow flavour. Add them at the end – like in the masala spice blends of Indian cuisine – and you'll get a pungent, spicy hit.  


Dill seeds originally came from India, but there are records showing they were used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

They have a much stronger taste than dill tips. To keep their scent and essential oils intact, dill seeds are usually freeze dried after they're harvested.

Churchgoers in colonial America used to chew dill seeds to keep them alert during especially long services. This is how it came to be known as the 'meeting house seed'.

Supplier: The Spice Company