Cole & Mason Curry Leaves

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  • Sourced from India
  • Use for a classic Indian flavour that adds warmth and heat
  • We like how they infuse dishes with that unmistakably Indian warmth
  • Ingredients: Curry Leaves
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.005kg

Eat our Curry Leaves with a spiced-up side of rice.Add curry leaves and cinnamon sticks to a pan of boiling basmati rice. The sweetness of the cinnamon balances out the heat of the curry leaves. Or for a similar balance of heat and sweetness, try frying grated coconut with curry leaves in the final stages of a chutney recipe.

Why not try flavouring a soup. Sauté curry leaves in oil then add to soup for a gently rising curry heat and flavour. Try it with a classic carrot and coriander, or thick pumpkin soup.


The curry tree is a tropical to sub-tropical tree found in India and Sri Lanka. Its leaves are used in plenty of dishes in India, Sri Lanka, and neighbouring countries.

Curiously, the aroma of the leaves is activated by a very gentle bruising. Even brushing past a curry tree will do the job.

Supplier: The Spice Company