Cole & Mason Chaat Masala

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  • Blended in the UK from various origins
  • Use for sweet or savoury Indian seasoning
  • We like using chaat masala on fresh fruit to give an aromatic rush of classic Indian flavour
  • Ingredients: salt, mango powder, white pepper, sugar, cumin, coriander, ginger, citric acid, chilli, mint, turmeric, asafoetida
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.045kg

Eat our Chaat Masala with a plate of mango or cucumber. Juicy, fresh-cut mango spritzed with lime and a sprinkling of chaat masala makes for a refreshing snack. Or slice thick chunks of straight-from-the-fridge cucumber and dress with chaat masala, diced onion, chilli powder and sea salt. 

Why not try spicing up a salad or lemonade. Chaat masala perks up any green salad with its salty, sour heat. Or sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala into a glass of freshly made lemonade and stir to create a drink with instant lift. 


Chaat masala comes from India and is used in many Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani dishes. As the quintessential Indian spice, it’s used almost everywhere, but is particularly popular on fruit and salads, and is served as a street snack from chaat carts. 

Supplier: The Spice Company