Cole & Mason Celery Seeds

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  • Sourced from India
  • Use for adding a big hit of spice
  • We love how these tiny seeds contain such a potent flavour
  • Ingredients: Celery Seeds
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.05kg

Eat our Celery Seeds with a light salad or a wrap. Celery seeds are spicy and earthy, with hints of parsley and nutmeg. So adding small amount to something mild-flavoured will really spice it up. Use them to give chicken, avocado, cucumber and tomato an extra edge.

Why not try getting saucy. Mince up some garlic and stir it into mayonnaise with some lemon juice and celery seeds. The result is a warm (tasting) and spicy dipping sauce. Celery seeds can transform butter too. Whip the butter and sprinkle in some coarse salt, celery seeds and a peppery spice of your choice. Serve on toasted wholemeal bread or jacket potatoes.


Native to India, celery seeds don't come from the same plants as the celery we eat. They come from a plant called 'smallage' or 'wild celery'.

The seeds are tiny and dark green-to-brown, with a strong, spicy aroma. They're so tiny, you don't even have to grind them – you can, but it turns their taste much more bitter.

Supplier: The Spice Company