Cole & Mason Caraway Seeds

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  • Sourced from Finland
  • Use for an earthy, aniseed taste
  • We love the lingering fusion of cumin and fennel
  • Ingredients: Caraway Seeds
  • Comes in a 62x60x60 mm jar
  • Content Weight: 0.05kg

Eat our Caraway Seeds with a pork chop. Spread thick mustard on pork chops, season with caraway seeds and black pepper, and grill. Serve with apple sauce and brussels sprouts glazed in honey and mustard.

Why not try putting a twist on classic biscuits. Add caraway seeds and chopped candied lemon peel to a shortbread recipe. The seeds and the peel both have sweet and sour notes that'll mingle nicely. Or try being creative with cabbage – once cooked, stir in onion and caraway seeds, softened in a pan of hot oil.


Like coriander and cumin, caraway seeds come from a plant from the carrot family – one with finely divided, feathery leaves.

They originally came from central Europe and Asia but are now grown all over: from Holland and Finland to Canada, the US and North Africa.

The plant's fruits have an earthy, aniseed-like flavour, and the roots can be cooked like carrots.

Supplier: The Spice Company