Cole & Mason Shaw Filled Herb & Spice Rack 6 Jar

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  • Handles at each end for easy moving to table or cupboard
  • 70 ml Jars sit above the surface for an easy clean
  • Each jar printed with contents, chrome caps, 3 adjustable settings; pour, shake and seal
  • Spices included; coriander seed, fennel, marjoram, oregano, basil and thyme
  • Jar Height 105mm x Rack Height 110mm x Rack Width 220mm
This filled spice rack allows you to efficiently combine a collection of your favourite flavours in the kitchen. The attractive glass jars are neatly suspended above the surface of the worktop for cleanliness, it also features a handle on each side to conveniently transport it. The spice rack is a stylish accessory in any modern kitchen, enabling you to create a wide variety of quick meals in minutes, livening up even the most basic of ingredients. The convenient twist caps are an effective method to precisely pour or shake the contents and seal fresh after use. With the labelled caps it is easy to select which herb or spice you need to create flavourful dishes.