Cole & Mason Hudson Herb & Spice Rack 16 Jar Filled Carousel

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  • Each refillable jar printed with its specific contents - 70 ml capacity
  • Smooth rotation and central handle for easy transportation
  • Chrome caps, 3 adjustable settings; pour, shake and seal
  • Spices included; basil, coriander seed, fennel seed, marjoram, oregano, parsley, thyme, cinnamon, mint, chilli flakes, cumin seed, dill, paprika and rosemary, sage, herbs de Provence
  • Jar Height 105mm x Carousel Height 300mm x Carousel Width 175mm

This filled spice carousel sits on a smooth revolving base, allowing you to efficiently access and combine a collection of your favourite flavours in the kitchen. The attractive glass jars with polished caps are sleek and contemporary with twist caps to precisely pour or shake the contents and create great tasting meals in minutes. With the labelled caps it is easy to select which herb or spice you need to create flavourful dishes.

The jars are filled with herbs and spices by weight.  Due to variation in crop and seed sizes, the tolerances in the shredding and grinding processes, and settling during transportation, the contents may not completely fill the jars.